Past. Present. Future.

Dreams. Reality. Expectations.

How many a times have we forgotten about them, and lived just in the moment? Imagine you go to your favorite place, order your favorite drink, be with any of your favorite person (we really have more than one) and just be. Breathe in, breathe out and live in the moment.

Most of us including me enjoy that moment with the burden of making it as real as the dream, as good as someone’s timeline post, as pretty as a million-hearts-insta-worthy. Some of us go down the memory lane holding hands with guilt, shame, regret while others talk to the future hesitantly under the influence of fear, failure and expectations. Rarely, we isolate that moment. But yes, we all dream to have such moments in our life where we can breathe; and when we are in one of those moments, we fail to see its value.

‘To be or not to be’ is actually in our own hands. We may say it is difficult to isolate our mind and thoughts but trust me it is not. Simply put, it is all about changing how we think, just like training our mind. I am not saying it is easy or I have accomplished it, but like anyone around me I am trying. We all try to achieve something everyday, or in time but first and foremost, it is important to prepare our mind. Once that moment or milestone comes, we should have a breathing mind to just be there and live it. 

Some say its all about the journey, while others collect milestones, I believe they both are important because one without the other is meaningless. Make your life meaningful, make your mind meditative, block the noise of the baggage and just be in the moment. Just try it for a few times, and you like me will realize that life is not as difficult as we brand it often. You will have a clearer mind, happier heart and lighter soul. Just because you would have found the true purpose of any LIFE:



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