My love for writing and spirit to motivate led me to pen down my thoughts. I wanted the women around me feel comfortable with situations and circumstances that cloud around them. You can make lightening, rain, hail storm or snow out of them. It is all about thinking differently and positively. I have been on many fork roads wondering what to do, regretting what I did and acting opposite to suggestions I got. But no matter what I did or do, I try to calm my mind & think through. Make every situation an opportunity to grow and find a new shade of myself. If I can do it, so could you!

In your own time read my stories and feel inspired because we all have our struggles, it’s up to us if they make us or break us! If you are stuck, email me (aladyandhertwobags@gmail.com) and I will help you find a solution.

Keep working towards a life you don’t need a vacation from. Keep loving yourself without being selfish. Empower not encroach, love not reproach, can open unseen doors and windows.



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